Improve your GH skills with like-minded people

Coming March 2019 - NAzarÉ, Portugal



5 days of Fun in the sun PRACTICING GH:

  • Small Group (4-6 People)

  • Big sandy beaches and warm weather

  • Fun, safe practice of skills in a non-JUDGMENTAL environment

  • Exploring new sites with the help of local knowledge

  • coastal flights possible



Ideal for Qualified and autonomous pilots that want to:

  • Escape the bad weather

  • get to know their glider in safe open spaces

  • Build confidence with no take-off pressure

  • Try out new skills

  • Have fun and meet New people



NazarÉ, Portugal

  • GH sites for all wind directionS

  • Coastal flying for N, W & S winds

  • Beach, marina, shops & restaurants in walking distance

  • Friendly locals

  • Excellent and affordable local cuisine

  • Churches, castles, caves and museums



Our first Retreat will run from 24 to 30 of MArch 2019

24 - Pick up from lisbon, dinner and Welcome meeting

25 to 29 - Go out every day and groundhandle as much as possible, have fun

30 - Drop off at lisbon


WHY are we doing this?

At the end of 2018 We did a full month of groundhandling and it was a great experience.

Gemma’s skills improved a lot and many people suggested we should start a “course”.

We worked on it and here it is. It’s just our first one. We hope to do many more in the future.

Our objective is to have fun, meet new people and provide a safe environment for others to learn too.

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Where are you from? :)


places are limited but if you’d like to join the retreat please fill in the form and we’ll get in touch with you.


800EUR per person (excludes flights & food)

  • Transfer to/from Lisbon (24th and 30th)

  • Welcome dinner

  • 6 nights shared ACCOMMODATION in Nazaré

  • Communal Kitchen and Relaxation space

  • Daily transport and site BRIEF

  • Alternative leisure activities (IF bad weather)



**Disclaimer: WE are not Paragliding INSTRUCTORs, and guest pilots will not receive training or instruction, only friendly advice and sharing of knowledge.**

  • Pilots must:

    • be autonomous and responsible for their own safety

    • Hold a valid license in their country

    • have their own insurance

    • have their own equipment

  • All communication will be in English.

  • Weather: we don’t control it but we will try to pick the best site for the day. If Gh not possible we will organize other activities.

  • Full instructions via email.