Walk Left

Or right. Move perpendicular to the wind.

You can make the wing follow you, or vice-versa.

There are many ways to achieve the same objective.

Success: walk 20 meters



Wing: Gradient | Golden 4 | 24m2

Wind: 15km/h | no turbulence | no lift

Demonstration of walking sideways and through a slalom course.




Wing: Gradien | Denali | 26m2

Wind: 25km/h | strong turbulence | mild lift

Walking to the left by A and C riser control with the wing in the stall position.



Wing: Ozone | Kona | 26m2

Wind: 5km/h | mild turbulence | no lift

I initiate the move by stepping in the opposite direction and applying brake on the side that I wish to move toward.
Moving right, first step left, then apply right brake and follow the wing. Balance the braking and walking, until reaching the desired spot, then apply left brake and scoot under the wing.